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December 2020
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Each month we focus on a new most-requested topic of learning

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Monthly Webinar Series

December's Webinar will be: Engagement and Differentiation through Interactive Notebooks with guest speaker April Drake.

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Connect with your peers through meaningful discussion and find support from the people who get it

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Teaching Today's Gifted Kids

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Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom. Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use.
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As a new HiCap teacher, I find WAETAG extremely valuable. I've learned how to increase depth and complexity in my lessons and other helpful strategies to support gifted learners in my classroom.

C. Hatoors Bellevue School District
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WAETAG helps prepare teachers, curriculum directors, administration, etc. how to teach highly capable and gifted students and their diverse needs.

A. Lovern Northshore School District
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I felt at home, as I told one of my students today, "I found my people."

Kristen F Dayton School District
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WAETAG is where I come to connect, share my passion for teaching and learning, and get inspired by so many amazing professionals...

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WEATAG is a great place to be exposed to a broad range of topics that will help classroom teachers, coordinators and administrators better serve the HiCap community.

R. Schumann Meridian School District
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WAETAG provides quality professional development from the beginner to the advanced HiCap teacher

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I've connected with so many like-minded people who just want to do right by our students. I feel like my human resource toolbelt is filled with colleagues who I am now connected to when I used to feel so alone!

April D Enumclaw School District
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I have returned to my classroom inspired and renewed in my love of all things teaching thanks to WAETAG!

M. Vandervert Pasco School District
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A great opportunity to learn from peers about successful ways to support the needs of our gifted students!

S. Stanton Napavine Schools
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If you need ideas to transform your class from boring to engaging, WAETAG is the place to be!

Tanya G Tumwater School District