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Susan Heyer

Susan Heyer


Susan has been in education since 1984, which was during an era of incredible creativity in the world of education; place-based and experiential learning were being introduced, thematic and conceptual learning approaches were the core of instructional practices, block scheduling was being developed, as well as several extraordinary programs and models developed for the talent development of all students, especially geared toward reaching the gifted students.  In the wake of NCLB, it’s an exciting time again – we are currently in an era of focusing on a return to highly effective, personal, and engaging practices – it’s a great time to be in education!

Susan has had the privilege of working, and learning, in a variety of cultures and environments ranging from Alabama to Alaska.  Her educational pathway is just as varied as her teaching experiences.  She spent a few years after high school in Alabama, at both Montevallo University and Auburn University.  Then, an adventure led her to earn her undergraduate degree in Home Economics at the University of Montana.  After more than a decade teaching in Montana, she (and her wonderful daughters) returned to Alabama where she earned her graduate degree in Gifted Education at the University of Alabama.  With almost a decade of teaching in Alabama, she (and her lovely daughters) moved to Washington, where she has been teaching for another decade, and earned her administrative degree from Western Washington University.

Along the way, Susan has been a Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) teacher, a self-contained teacher of gifted students, a Health and Math teacher and a Principal.  She feels honored to be able to “pay it forward” by sharing her experiences and knowledge with teachers and administrators through her current role as the coordinator of highly capable programs and instructional coaching in differentiation; always with the focus on the talent development of students and inclusivity for all.