Pobody’s Nerfect – Perfectionism and Anxiety in Gifted and 2E Learners

Emily Kircher-Morris · February 7, 2023

Speaker: Emily Kircher Morris

One child freaks out when a single mistake is made. Another child breaks down when asked to work in groups. A third child has low self-esteem and refuses to turn in work. What do they all have in common? They are all perfectionists. While many professionals who work with gifted children are able to recognize perfectionism when they see it, they may be unsure how to help a child overcome this barrier. This presentation will give specific strategies to use in the classroom or counseling setting to work both individually and in groups with students to overcome perfectionism.

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Emily Kircher-Morris

Emily Kircher-Morris, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, is dedicated to supporting 2e children—including her own—in a way she wasn’t during her academic years. She has taught in gifted classrooms, has been a school counselor, and is now in private practice as a licensed professional counselor, where she specializes in helping gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

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