Superheroes and the Gifted: With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

WAETAG · December 20, 2020

Guest Speaker: Dr. Brian Housand

Superheroes and the gifted often possess virtues like compassion, altruism, and a sense of justice. Hope for the future relies not on superheroes miraculously saving the day but instead on empowering today’s gifted kids to conquer the problems of tomorrow. This session compares gifted youth to superheroes and examines the type of support necessary for their own hero’s journey.

This session examines the inner and outer lives of gifted students through the lens of Pearson’s (1986) archetypal framework outlined in The Hero Within and provides connections to superheroes presented in popular media. 

Each of the six archetypes is presented with both a task and a gift.  Specific advice and strategies to help support gifted students is provided for each archetype.

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