How Do We Motivate These Kids?

Todd Stanley · November 18, 2022

Keynote Speaker: Todd Stanley

For years, schools have used grades as the carrot to try and get kids to play the
game of school. We hold these in front of them, making them compliant under threat
of giving them poor grades. This worked well for the children who cared about
grades or were motivated by them, but what about those who do not? How do we
get them excited about learning? We cannot subscribe to a one-size fits all
education where we teach a certain way and expect kids to fall in line. Instead of
dangling this single carrot, we need to think of education as being ‘a la carte, where
students have choice in how and what they are learning. We need to approach
school as though every student has different things that motivates them and it is our
job to figure out what this is, and how to provide it for them.

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