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This webinar will focus on how to create and implement interactive notebooks in the virtual or hybrid classroom setting to promote engagement, differentiation and immediate feedback. The session will provide ideas for Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science focused on the elementary and middle school standards. Participants will need a Gmail/Google G-Suite account as editable templates will be provided through Google Classrooms and Slides.

DATE: Tuesday, December 22, 2020
TIME: 4:00 – 5:30 pm

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Dr. Brulles will provide an overview, discuss implementation, examine achievement data for both gifted and general education students, and demonstrate methods for supporting the cluster-grouping model. Participants of these trainings will learn how to implement and teach in the model, identify gifted students’ learning needs, group students for maximum achievement potential, and build staff and parental support.

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This session examines the inner and outer lives of gifted students through the lens of Pearson’s (1986) archetypal framework outlined in The Hero Within and provides connections to superheroes presented in popular media. Each of the six archetypes is presented with both a task and a gift. Specific advice and strategies to help support gifted students is provided for each archetype.


Social emotional issues are one of the most requested topics we receive and understandably so. Who better to learn how to help those struggling with social emotional issues like perfectionism from than the Gifted Guru herself, Lisa Van Gemert?  Lisa provides a realistic, practical, do-able guide to managing “never good enough” perfectionism.

This webinar will look at identification practices in two districts and look at culturally responsive ways to support students with programs and services.

Equitable Identification
In this webinar, guest speaker Jody Hess, Program Supervisor for Highly Capable Student Programs at OSPI, will provide an overview of WA law, examples of equitable practices, and show where you can access more free training on equitable identification.

This webinar will provide insight and resources for communicating with families more effectively through the lenses of coordinator, director, and teacher.

Communicating with Educators
This webinar is designed to support you in communicating with your education team. We’ll cover everything from explaining what HiCap is, advocating for specific students, or helping general education teachers understand why the needs of gifted students may differ from their other students and more.
Communicating with District

Join us in learning how to communicate and advocate effectively within your district with our guest speaker Dr. Gail Hanninen.

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Each month we will highlight a book meant to be an additional resource for those who’d like a deeper dive into the month’s topic.