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    May 1, 2020 at 1:06 pm

    Last night, during our Equity and Identification webinar, our guest Jody Hess from OSPI spoke about collecting multiple pieces of evidence to support a need for services rather than having cut-off scores that would either qualify or disqualify a student from being labeled Highly Capable.  There were a few questions that arose in the chat room around this topic, so I will post those questions along with some of the conversation that started to address it.  Please continue to add to the discussion with your own experiences.

    Question: What are some other assessment tools for identifiying students, other than CogAT?


    • The CLED Scales
    • Naglieri NV, Torrence Test of Creative Thinking,
    • WISC-IV,
    • IOWA Tests of Basic Skills,
    • RIST,
    • RAVENS
    • Woodcock Johnson-IV
    • Otis-Lennon
    • SBAC Scores, using the Frequency Distribution Chart to identify Scale Scores at the 85th-99th percentiles as a screener, or additional evidence that the student is performing at a high level compared to others in the state.

    Question: If we are in a district that very strictly sticks to CogAT scores for identification, what would you suggest we do when we have a student we know strongly demonstrates HiCap characteristics but won’t perform well on a test?


    • Collecting work samples that illustrate the student’s advanced abilities, sometimes open-ended, high-ceiling work samples may need to be provided to a classroom teacher if they are not offering these types of opportunities regularly, so that a student CAN show their abilities.
    • Taking the selection committee through the HiCapPlus Access & Equity course together helped with this.
    • Using ELPA scores to show a student who is growing through the program at a faster pace than others can also be an indicator of giftedness.



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    May 1, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    Question: Which tests have fewer language barriers for ELD students?  What are your experiences with these assessments? </span>

    • Naglieri Non-Verbal
    • RAVENS Matrix
    • CogAT Full Battery or Screener Level 5/6-8 (K-2) or the Non-Verbal section only

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