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  • Jen Flo

    May 6, 2020 at 2:45 am

    Aaron,   I was in a session with another teacher last week, where she used a google slides presentation to capture different puzzles on each slide.  As a group she reviewed the puzzles, then students renamed themselves with the slide number and their name (ex. – 3 Jen Flo).  Before sending them to breakout rooms, she shared a link to the google slide deck in the class chat, and then assigned the breakout rooms based on student requests.  She could see them all working on their slides in the documents and drop in to the breakout rooms as needed.   She (or a para-educator) stayed mostly in the main room as kids moved between puzzles.

    In this example, the teacher had placed all sorts of suduko puzzles on each slide – letter-based, color, numbers, and others.  Even Ken-ken puzzles.  I hope that makes some sense.  If I can clarify, please don’t hesitate to ask!