Strategic Partnerships

We believe collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to achieve our mission of empowering educators and communities.

We just love our partners!

Partnership Policy Statement

The Board of Directors recognizes that there is both value and responsibility that must be acknowledged and exercised when WAETAG partners with a specific program, product, service, or company (the “partner”). WAETAG will partner with a program, product, service or company only after careful consideration and research to ensure that doing so would be in the best interest of the Association.

The goal of the formal Partnership focuses on building capacity among educators to understand and respond to the unique needs of gifted and talented learners. Successful WAETAG Partnerships embody shared visions to improve and support talent development, continuous communication between partners, measurable goals, dedicated resources, and a long-term commitment.

A formal Partnership by WAETAG, with regard to any specific program, product, service, or company is subject to the principles and review process outlined in this policy.

Criteria for Partnership

Any proposed Partnership will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  1. Is the program, product, service, or company consistent with WAETAG’s policies, goals, and beliefs? 
  2. Will the proposed Partnership contribute to better serving WAETAG’s stakeholders, members, and/or gifted education (ie. Partners communicate frequently to discuss both challenges and opportunities that impede or accelerate progress toward achieving goals or objectives)?
  3. Is the credibility, longevity, and financial stability of the potential Partner reasonably satisfactory?
  4. Will the Partnership of this program, product, service, or company serve to reinforce or enhance the credibility and visibility of WAETAG?
  5. Will the Partnership of the program, product, service, or company be advertised in an honest and accurate manner? What other indicators of quality will be included?

WAETAG has the right to refuse a request for Partnership that is deemed inappropriate or incompatible with the mission, goals, or best interests of the Association.