Happy New Year!

As 2021 came to a close, my family was huddled around the kitchen table, playing a family favorite, Hues and Cues.  The premise of Hues and Cues is to describe one of 480 colors without using the name of primary colors.  Other players place their pieces on the shade that they feel best fits the cue words and points are given for those closest to the correct hue. As we played, I couldn’t help but make connections to education: how we play Hues and Cues is influenced by our exposure/opportunities, our individual experiences, and our visual perception of the color (“hot magenta” anyone?).  

This past year, there were highs and lows across our education system.  But, in the midst of it all were the educators – the teachers.  With all of the changes and adaptations, there were good things happening – in classrooms and in districts.  Our state and districts continue to have many conversations about asynchrony and acceleration.  

Our hope at WAETAG is that these conversations and opportunities continue for highly capable students.  

This year, one opportunity is House Bill 1166, The HiCap Equity Bill.  This bill focuses on two equity issues that our highly capable programs are facing across the state: universal screening and demographic information from OSPI on who is being served in each community.  

At WAETAG, we look forward to new opportunities this year; continuing our monthly webinars (Be sure to join us in January with Emily Kircher-Morris!) and developing more opportunities for members to connect.  

Wishing you a safe and wonderful start to the new year!

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