Neurodiversity University

Neurodiversity University

WAETAG is proud to partner with Emily Kircher-Morris’s Neurodiversity University to provide our members with quality professional development courses on twice-exceptionality and dyslexia at a discounted rate.  WAETAG can also provide clock hours for each of the following courses/modules listed below.

Welcome to “Strategies for Supporting Twice-Exceptional Students.”

This bundle includes six modules to help you better understand and support the twice-exceptional learners in your school.  Work through the modules at your own pace. You may progress through the modules in order or pick and choose the modules that are most important to you. You will receive a certificate of completion at the completion of each module, and will also be able to purchase Washington state clock hours at the rate of $5 per hour.

Topics covered include:
Module 1: Foundations of Teaching Twice-exceptional Learners (3 hours)
Module 2: Affective Needs and Motivation for 2e Students (3 hours)
Module 3: Executive Functioning for Twice-exceptional Students (1.5 hours)
Module 4: Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia) in Twice-exceptional Students (2 hours)
Module 5: Neurodevelopmental Diagnoses (ADHD and Autism) in Twice-exceptional Students (2.5 hours)
Module 6: Anxiety, Depression, and Related Diagnoses in Twice-exceptional Students (1.5 hours)

WAETAG members receive 20% off course. 
Email us at to request your one-time use discount code.

What is Foundations of Dyslexia for Educators?

Foundations of Dyslexia for Educators is an introductory course for educators who teach students with dyslexia in their classrooms everyday and need to know what dyslexia is and how to support it. From classroom teachers in upper elementary classrooms to school counselors to AP teachers at the high school level, this course gives the foundational knowledge all teachers need to support bright students who struggle to read. This four-hour training provides information for educators about how to understand and support dyslexic students. Each module includes videos, activities, transcripts, closed captioning, check for understanding, and certificate of completion. Upon completion of all 4 modules, you will be able to purchase Washington state clock hours at the rate of $5 per hour.

The course includes four modules of instruction:

  1. Defining Dyslexia
  2. Identification & Assessment of Dyslexia
  3. Developing Reading Skills in Dyslexic Students
  4. Neurodiversity-Affirming Supports and Accommodations

All Washington state educators receive 10% of course using discount code: WAETAG10

Clock Hours

WAETAG offers clock hours for each of the above courses and modules. 

Upon completion of each course you will receive a link to purchase your Washington state clock hours at $5 per clock hour.