“Sometimes you can’t see what you’re learning until you come out the other side.” Gal Gadot ( Wonder Woman 1984)

I hope you had an opportunity to step back over the winter break; December already seems like a long time ago.  And, January hasn’t started the way that we hoped or expected.  However, having said that, I have hope that 2021 will brighten as we get further into the new year.    

Over the break, my family and I were watching Wonder Woman 1984 when I heard the quote above.  And it resonated.  Reflecting on the past year, with all the changes, pivots, and innovations, educators have risen to the challenges and removed barriers for student learning.  We have reached for the margins, connected with families and communities, and reimagined teaching.  I find myself wondering what will we keep from this time?  How will education be transformed? What opportunities are there for our students?  

We hope you will continue to join us as we continue to innovate and connect our community.  This year, we will continue to offer free monthly webinars. Our 2021 series will begin with Dr. Jann Leppien, the Margo Long Endowed Chair in Gifted Education at Whitworth University.  Dr. Leppien is a lifelong advocate of gifted students and nationally recognized for her research.Join us January 28th, she will explore recognizing talent and how teachers can create possibilities for optimally challenging students.  

If you missed any of our webinars last year, we hope you will check out our growing library of past webinars.  We hope you’ll visit our reimagined website; full of resources, discussions, and a host of other features.    

As we take on the new challenges of 2021 and manage what the previous year left us, we will continue to evolve as a community – support each other, recognize and celebrate innovations.    

Please remember to be kind to yourself, too.  

Jen Flo

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