The Power of Collaboration

Reby Parsley, WAETAG President

As members of WAETAG, we are all united by a shared mission to passionately work together on behalf of gifted children. And, as the President of WAETAG, I am here to remind you of the incredible impact that each and every one of you has daily with our students.

Your involvement and active participation in WAETAG is your opportunity to expand that impact beyond the four wall of your school. Becoming actively involved in WAETAG is an opportunity for you to use your unique talents, skills, and experiences to make a real difference for gifted students across Washington State. We have opportunities to serve on a variety of committees including Conference, Education, Membership, Partnership, and Legislative committees. Find more information about our committee opportunities on our website!

I urge you to embrace the power that comes from collaborating with like-minded individuals who are just as committed as you are to making a positive impact in gifted student lives. Together, WAETAG can achieve great things.

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