Vertical Differentiation for Gifted, Advanced, and High-Potential Students

Vertical Differentiation for Gifted, Advanced, and High-Potential Students outlines 25 engaging tools and strategies to stretch student thinking, promote deep learning, and provide layers of challenge in the classroom and beyond. Inside the book are innovative strategies around:

  • Analysis
  • Problem-Solving:  Understanding the Problem
  • Problem- Solving: Creating and Evaluating Solutions
  • Creative Thinking: Making Connections
  • Constructing Arguments
  • Metacognition
  • Planning for Deep Learning and Differentiation

Each strategy is expertly designed to foster deep inquiry and conceptual understanding by guiding students to justify conclusions, apply critical and creative thinking, develop solutions to real-world problems, and transfer learning across contexts. Packed with both “tried and true” thinking models and new, innovative ideas with concrete examples, this resource ensures that no matter where students are in their learning journey, they’ll find themselves challenged and engaged.  

Dr. Mofield talks in the book about how to stretch learning and provides prompts to help consolidate thinking, increase strategic reasoning, analyze relationships, be aware of our own internal processes, and more.  She is sharing her stretch prompts with us!

This book is on the top of our lists for books to read in 2023.  We have invited Emily Mofield to join us for activities in the months ahead…we hope you’ll join us!  If you would like to catch her this month, please check out the upcoming webinar series from UCONN’s Renzulli Center. Emily will be speaking on February 11th.

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