Equitable Identification and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Amy Phillips · September 5, 2020

Who this webinar is great for: Administrators, directors, talent scouts, multidisciplinary teams, and educators who want to better understand what districts do for identification.

What this webinar will cover: the webinar will look at identification practices in two districts and look at culturally responsive ways to support students with programs and services.

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Guest Speakers:

Camille Jones, 2017 Washington Teacher of the Year
Camilee grew up on an onion farm in Quincy, WA and came back to “bloom where she was planted”. Now she teaches K-3 schoolwide enrichment and highly capable at Pioneer Elementary. That’s right–schoolwide. We believe every student has hidden abilities that will flourish if given the opportunity and exposure.

Her students, besides being rural, are culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse. she guides experiences that expand their world views. She finds and develops their strengths. She challenges the most advanced learners in our school to reach their full potential. And we all develop grit along the way.

Nick Castilleja, M.A.T., Gifted & Talented
Nick started serving Pasco in 2015, formerly at Big Picture Project Based Learning School in Bellevue.
He’s currently a 6th grade teacher in a Highly Capable Bilingual self-contained classroom.
Nick completed his Masters in Gifted Education from Whitworth University in 2019.
He has experience teaching grades K-12.


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