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Mar 07 2020


8:00 am - 3:30 pm



Depth & Complexity Summit

Registration Cost $199. (Early Bird Registration $179 through December 20, 2019 extended to January 10, 2020!).

Group rates are available. Please email info@jtayloreducation.com for pricing information.

Planned Sessions:

An Introduction to the Depth & Complexity Framework and the Icons
Using Depth and Complexity to differentiate curriculum and instructional practices is a proven way to create challenging learning experiences for all students, including the G/T population. Explore interactive, classroom-tested procedures for introducing the Depth and Complexity Dimensions and their related Icon. Leave this session ready to incorporate Depth and Complexity right away.

Depth + Complexity = The Differentiation Solution
Have you been introduced to Depth & Complexity but lack the understanding or confidence to implement the strategies with your students? This session was specifically designed with you in mind! Spend some time planning and creating differentiated lessons and activities aligned to your curriculum that are infused with Depth &Complexity. ​Group work, share​-outs and gallery walks will maximize collaboration and creativity. Previous knowledge and some experience with the Depth & Complexity Icons is recommended.

Frames: Differentiating the Core Curriculum
Frames are an instructional tool teachers or students can use to differentiate the core curriculum while instantly increasing challenge for all learners. Just as frames are selected to complement an artistic composition, educational frames are selected to highlight, extend, enhance, and focus attention on required instructional content. Each dimension of the frame outlines an option for teachers or students that guides learning and demands deep, abstract thinking. Create several Depth & Complexity Frames specific to your content and meet the web application”Frames-Maker” that will have you and your students making Frames in no time.

Delving Deeper with The Content Imperatives and Iconic Combinations
Are you familiar with the Depth & Complexity Prompts/Icons? You may be surprised to learn there are several more components that comprise The Depth & Complexity Framework. At this workshop, participants learn to use the five Content Imperatives: Origin, Parallel, Contribution, Convergence and Paradox. Using the Depth & Complexity Prompts with Content Imperatives produces deep, abstract thinking as iconic combinations instantly increase rigor within any task.

“Think Like A Disciplinarian” Literature Circles
Go beyond reading comprehension and worksheets: analyze and interpret literature at another level of sophistication!Using several academic disciplinary approaches integrated with literary skills and tasks from Literature Circles, students can engage with literature in multifaceted ways. Discover how “Think Like A Disciplinarian” and Literature Circles allow teachers to provide accessible yet complex pathways for students to actively engage in the discipline-specific research skills and literate tasks necessary for in-depth analyses and creative expressions. Intellectually rigorous and standards relevant, this session provides concrete strategies that will push students towards disciplinarian thinking.

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