Host A Legislator

Host A Legislator

How might legislation for gifted education look different if even 25% of legislators had spent time with an accomplished gifted education teacher? How might their direct classroom and school experience inform and enrich gifted education policy, discussions, and decisions? How can we ignite the passion of advocacy within our students?

Even though the vast majority of legislators have not spent much time in general education or gifted classrooms, they are in our capitol creating and voting on education policy. Legislators gather their perceptions about gifted education from a variety of sources – research reports, personal and family experiences with schools, and the media. 

What if we changed the way legislators understood gifted education?

WAETAG’s Host-a-Legislator program provides the opportunity for WAETAG teachers to connect with policymakers. Through this program, legislators are encouraged to become involved in the teacher’s classroom through co-teaching a lesson or presenting to students. This work is critical as decisions are being made in Olympia which will impact gifted education and our students for years to come. By inviting a legislator into your classroom, it provides them the opportunity to deeply understand the complexities of gifted education services and the range of student needs in classrooms today.

If you are interested in hosting a legislator or another policymaker in your classroom check out the resources on WAETAG’s website. Then contact Reby, WAETAG Legislative Liaison, and she will guide you through this advocacy opportunity!

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