Silver Linings

Jen Flo, WAETAG President

For the past two years, Wendy Clark, our Past President, has been an amazing leader and champion who worked tirelessly with WAETAG to create opportunities for teachers and gifted students in our state and beyond.  We are grateful for her continued support as one of our strongest advocates. I’m humbled and honored to be following in her footsteps (and ever so glad to have her phone number!).  Wendy, thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do for gifted students and their teachers.

I’m often called an optimist, always looking on the bright side, or looking for silver linings.  And, that may be just a little bit true.  I have a quote from Albert Einstein behind my computer:

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

While I’m not able to actually confirm that he did say it, I find that the words do resonate.  During this pandemic, I think often about the difficulties faced by families, students, teachers, schools, and our communities and it seems overwhelmingly impossible.

But, what if… 

What if in the middle of this difficulty lies opportunity?  What if we seize the moment and look at what is working for students?  What if we notice those students who are flourishing in this alternative space?  What if we are able to connect with students through the screen, who struggle with eye contact in the classroom?  What if we supported our students in classrooms without walls?  What if we can create more opportunities for gifted students? What if…

With silver linings, there are opportunities to take risks, build relationships, and do things maybe a little differently that we have in the past.  We have had to transition from our usual in-person conference experience to a virtual conference.  Looking for opportunities in the shift, we asked “what if…” and “how might we…”  We are committed to bringing different perspectives, opportunities, and experiences that will engage your “Head and Heart” and help you find your silver lining!

Look forward to seeing you at our conference in October!

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