Written by Beth Doughty, WAETAG Secretary

As many teachers are transitioning to hybrid teaching back in the building, simultaneous teaching,  remaining in remote teaching, or are facing the continual struggle for managing or modifying multiple lessons as we all head into the final stretch of an exhausting year, you may find this tool helpful.  TeacherMade can transform any document, pdf, slide deck, powerpoint, into an interactive worksheet that can also be graded – so you can easily reuse an existing lesson without having to completely retool the document.  It is simple and quick to modify any document by embedding text boxes that are modifiable by students, or embedding teacher text boxes that stay fixed in the worksheet.   This can be a huge time-saver for teachers.    

In TeacherMade, Teachers can:  

* load PDFs or image files of worksheets from their laptops or shared drives (loading direct from Google Classroom coming soon!!)
* make student response areas on the worksheet image
* add images, audio, and video to enhance existing worksheet content
* create correct answers for auto-scoring
* add automated feedback for students
* receive auto-scored student responses
* make comments on student work
* use Google Classroom to assign worksheets and receive grades
* see scores and reports for individuals and the entire class
* share their creations with other teachers  

Students use the online TeacherMade player to:  

* open their assignment from Google Classroom, Canvas, or another LMS
* type in their answers
* make comments using highlighters, text, audio, and video
* use drawing apps to work on any activity not supported by other tools- or just for fun!
* get instant feedback and scores when they submit their assignments  


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